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New agency software that lets you harness a proven powerful (legal) Google hack

It’s probably not news to most Offliners that Reputation Management Services are set to explode in the next 5 years…

More businesses of all sizes will pay for reputation management services than ever before…

It’s an absolute necessity that offline businesses must have reputation awareness in their marketing mix and that means there’s a lot of money to be made by providing these services to all size businesses.

But there’s a problem…

The problem is, 99% of offline consultants and marketing agencies are putting A LOT of work into fulfilling this service. They don’t have software like this one that will let the client do the work for you. Giving you the ability to scale your business at will.

That all changes with “Local Review Pro”…

Check out my review and bonus package here.

It’s a new agency software that lets you harness a proven powerful (Legal) Google hack… And with the agency license included, you could use it to provide a lucrative local service. Getting more (and better) reviews for ANY type of business at all…

It’s set and forget too!

Once you set it up the client handles the rest…

The consultant just charges monthly for the use of the software/service.

Double the value for your clients as well, A better rep = more revenue AND better local SEO rankings.

At a ridiculously low price you get a complete business in a box: sales video, software, flyers, website to grab clients and more.

Clients will love it that you can boost, control & protect their reputation on the most powerful review platform there is Google.

Companies are ready to pay you big money because of the high perceived value of these services.

Grab your copy now at the lowest possible price!

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