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Growth Hack Email Marketing – How to Get the Absolute Most Out of Your Email List

I’ve got a special growth hack email marketing tip for you this week.

Email marketing may be a dinosaur, but it’s far from extinct.

Don’t think for a minute that email marketing is going away anytime soon.  In fact it’s just the opposite, there’s never been a better time to get started in email marketing.

Your business(es) should have a fairly good size customer base and with it an equal amount of email addresses that you should be emailing at least 3 times per week and in most cases daily.

One of the best ways to use an email list besides emailing the list is to use it as a custom audience with Facebook.

There’s a couple of ways to utilize your email list as a custom audience.

The first way is to use your email list for re-targeting the audience directly through some Facebook ads.

These ads will only reach your previous customers who have purchased from you in the past and is a great way to remind them of your business and increase your customer’s lifetime value.

As you’re probably already aware that not everyone opens and reads your emails even if they’ve made a purchase from you in the past and this can be extremely frustrating when half of your list has a Gmail email address and your emails are not being opened simply because they’re ending up in the SPAM folder.

So by re-targeting your list you’ll have a much better chance of reaching those who you’re not currently reaching through email.

The second way is to use your email list to create a lookalike audience which is an audience that Facebook deems as having similar characteristics and behaviors as your original email list.

Ads targeted to your lookalike audience will reach everyone Facebook lumps into this newly created custom audience.

This type of audience will give you the best possible chance to reach new customers at the lowest possible advertising costs Facebook can provide.

By running ads to this type of audience is a great way to keep replenishing your email list, thus reducing your overall churn rate.

How will you increase the effectiveness of your current email list through this growth hack email marketing strategy?


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