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Here’s a clever lead generating technique that is as accurate as laser-guided missile!

Can I offer some “breakthrough” advice? That will eliminate the frustration and make sales a “cakewalk”?

Change your focus…

Radical change can happen fast for you, but it starts with a radical shift in what you are focusing on.

While other offline consultants are constantly focusing on the next “shiny object”… the next newest strategy… the next new software…

You’re different.

You see what others don’t. It’s obvious to you that the consultant “crowd” are all riding the same never-ending tide of finding that “silver bullet” that will solve all their problems.

Let them.

Instead, you will change your focus to a niche that is already “conditioned” to your offering.

That’s right! They’ll buy much easier and more consistently if you can show them the way.

Mike’s been holding in a few secrets. And, honestly, he’s hesitated for almost a year about giving these strategies away:

**How to Find His Most Hungry & Willing Niche that is already waiting for your service (This part is shocking)

**How to gain posture to have prospects “begging” to be your client!

**How to end all “prospecting”: No more cold-emailing, no mass mailing, no cold calling to get these eager clients paying you $500-$1000/mo to hand over easy leads.

Grab your copy now!

This one is not like any of his other launches because he is giving away 2 secrets that he’s been stressing over for almost a year!

I spoke with Mike and the reason he’s been stressing is because he just wasn’t sure if he should tell anyone about his secret niche or his “coveted” client-getting strategy (Yes – It’s an Outside-The-Box approach that some will criticize him for).

OK… I’ll let you in on one of his secrets.

There is a specialty niche with insurance that converts better than just any insurance niche (or any other niche for that matter: dentists, lawyers, restaurants, etc.).

It’s the Life Insurance niche. Why?

[+] No consultants in your area are going after them
[+] They are already paying good money for a watered down version of what you can give them
[+] And believe it or not… they are everywhere – so you’ll never run out of leads for your business!

This is an early bird offer and the price is going up soon.

Check out my 100% congruent bonus package.

New agency software that lets you harness a proven powerful (legal) Google hack

It’s probably not news to most Offliners that Reputation Management Services are set to explode in the next 5 years…

More businesses of all sizes will pay for reputation management services than ever before…

It’s an absolute necessity that offline businesses must have reputation awareness in their marketing mix and that means there’s a lot of money to be made by providing these services to all size businesses.

But there’s a problem…

The problem is, 99% of offline consultants and marketing agencies are putting A LOT of work into fulfilling this service. They don’t have software like this one that will let the client do the work for you. Giving you the ability to scale your business at will.

That all changes with “Local Review Pro”…

Check out my review and bonus package here.

It’s a new agency software that lets you harness a proven powerful (Legal) Google hack… And with the agency license included, you could use it to provide a lucrative local service. Getting more (and better) reviews for ANY type of business at all…

It’s set and forget too!

Once you set it up the client handles the rest…

The consultant just charges monthly for the use of the software/service.

Double the value for your clients as well, A better rep = more revenue AND better local SEO rankings.

At a ridiculously low price you get a complete business in a box: sales video, software, flyers, website to grab clients and more.

Clients will love it that you can boost, control & protect their reputation on the most powerful review platform there is Google.

Companies are ready to pay you big money because of the high perceived value of these services.

Grab your copy now at the lowest possible price!

Here’s just about everything you need for creating local videos for your clients!

It’s no secret that video is red hot and the demand for it won’t ever stop.

If you’re serious about selling your clients’ services and products, of bringing them more calls and visitors, of making them more cold, hard cash…

…you simply can’t ignore video.

But if you’re one of the 98% of Marketers who agree they’d rather get a root canal than write a video script, then check this out…

My friend Chrissy Withers is going to hand you 40 ready-to-go professional Video Scripts for most local business niches…

…and you’re going to pay less than 1% of their real-world value!

Check out my review and bonus package here.

You can use these Scripts for ALL kinds of videos:

– Animated videos

– Whiteboard videos

– Explainer videos

– Photographic videos

– Kinetic Text videos

– Spokesperson videos

PLUS, Chrissy is also going to show you how to easily take ANY video script and further CUSTOMIZE it to YOUR client’s Business so it sounds like you wrote it for them….

And here’s what you won’t have to do when you have these Video Scripts in your hand:

– You won’t have to waste precious time

– You won’t have to procrastinate over script writing

– You won’t have to deal with “Writer’s Block”

– You can STOP doing hours of research

– You can STOP spending top dollar for writers

Forget all that nonsense and go to Chrissy’s Page to instantly download the 40 video scripts and start producing the easiest, best-pulling videos you’ve ever made.

Grab your copy now.

This is absolutely freaking genius!

Drop what you’re doing right now and read the entirety of this post!

My buddy Jim Mack has discovered an awesome method to help local businesses rank on the first page on Google in the 3-pack and he even has proof with case studies.

He has been selling this service and getting new clients like clockwork right from his office.

Check out my review and bonus package here.

The best part: This not the “OLD SCHOOL” client getting. With this new tactic you don’t need any special knowledge. Everything can be outsourced and hit submit and watch the leads come in!!

If you can click your mouse, you can make money with this system.

One of the most common questions folks ask me is how to build a sustainable recurring income stream.

Being able to land clients on the first page of Google is like printing money and you can easily make $500 to $1500 and more per month per local business client. I know it sounds crazy! But my buddy Jim Mack has it figured out.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. You look for businesses that are not ranked on the first page of Google or a specific website that Jim recommends to find clients. Jim has case studies!

Step 2. Send out an email to the prospect. Jim will show you a super NINJA way to get a business to email you back.

Step 3. Then show the business how they can get ranked quickly on the first page of Google and get a ton of exposure and their phone ringing.

Step 4. Sell them a no-brainer package for $500 to $1500 per month for the lead generation service for the long term.

Step 5. Since you are giving them proof of the service and how it impacts their business it is an easy sale.

Step 6. Collect the monthly fee. I know…sounds crazy. This works like a charm.

The big problem is usually folks get overwhelmed by the SEO, web design, email and everything that’s involved to do get this page up and get exposure all over google, so when you hop on you will learn all the steps so you won’t get that techie overwhelming feeling.

Most people don’t know and don’t realize that it’s still wide open for us to help local businesses get listed on the Google first page in the 3-pack.

My buddy Jim Mack had figured this out working with a local business client and it hit them right between the eyes. Jim has included case studies.

You can make up to and above $1000 per client AND have a monthly recurring income also.

Because we’re going to teach you a new little-known method that no one is using to get those local businesses on page one fast and why they will continue to pay you month after month. This little trick is a gold mine!

I’m excited about showing you this because this is wide open for us to take advantage of and create nice recurring streams without too much effort.

A few days ago, Jim Mack sent me review access to his new training, 3-Pack GMB Ranking Confidential.

Check this out now!

Here’s the deal. Jim has cracked the code on how to make a ton of bank by helping local businesses get in the first page of Google in the 3-pack and do it again and again. The potential is unlimited. Jim has included case studies.

(At first I didn’t believe it either! But I know Jim personally, and I got access to the whole thing, all his testimonials, all the training, everything! It’s rock solid!) It gets better!…

They have a way to click a button and have interested prospects calling you! No more cold calling. Awesome, right?

This is absolutely freaking genius!

Right now, just do yourself a favor and click one of these links and get this thing!

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