Discover How You Can Make $10K Per Month Or More By Offering
'Micro Automated Services'
For Just $99-$199 Per Month Using My Programs And Completely Done-For-You Digital Assets!
I focus on helping Local Business Consultants like yourself stay on top of the latest digital marketing strategies by offering training programs as well as completely done-for-you digital assets to ensure you have everything you need in order to be successful.
Who Am I?
From The Desk Of Kerry Knoll:
Written on August 31st, 2019

My Name is Kerry Knoll and I am just like you, a Local (Small) Business Consultant.  From my experiences I've developed systems and strategies which have allowed me to be more successful than most. Over the last couple years I have been helping people to be highly successful through selling small businesses what I've coined "Micro Automated Services".

So...Why do I do what I do?

When I first started out as a Small Business Consultant I was always trying to land high ticket clients, you the know the ones I'm talking about where you try to charge them $1500 or more per month for your digital marketing services.
Kerry Knoll
Founder & CEO of
I struggled constantly to keep these clients as they typically can't really afford to pay you that much per month since they're likely looking for you to save their business as a last ditch effort before they have to close up shop.  

I'm sure you can relate...

Getting a handful of clients paying your $1500 or more per month fee, only to have one or more drop you within the first three to four months...and just when you felt like you were finally going to start making a decent amount of money per month, you go from a healthy $7500 or so back down to paltry $3000 or so again like a yo-yo.

It's time to get out of the rat race...

So rather than keep banging your head against the wall trying to figure out what you might be doing wrong or questioning if this is for you, you need to come to the realization that most small business owners simply cannot afford it.

The honest truth is that if they could actually afford to pay you those high ticket monthly fees, then they probably would not need you or they would probably be using a high-end digital marketing agency or firm.

One day it dawned on me that there's got to be a better way...

This happened when my wife and I were talking about our budget and trying to scale back our monthly spending and we would look at all major expenses to see what we could do about them, but never thought twice about the smaller 'micro' expenses like that pesky Netflix subscription for $7.99 (back in the day - $12.99 now - I know) as it was just too much hassle to cancel even though when you add up all the $7.99 type subscription fees you're paying per month they end up being as much as one of those major expenses.

Well that's how most small business owners do it too when they are struggling to make ends meet.  They look at  the major expenses first, you at $1500/mo. or more, and then you're the first to be cut leaving you high and dry looking for your next client to replace that missing income.

That's when I came up with the idea of offering various digital marketing services at no-brainer price points like $99 and $199 per month.  

The trick was that those services I was about to offer would have to be pretty much set and forget so I could do the work one time and get paid month-after-month, year-after-year for client-after-client.

That's when Micro Automated Services was born...

So if you're still struggling to have a stable income working as a Local Business Consultant...
The Reality Is That You're NOT Well Equipped With All The Training And Digital Assets Necessary To Be As Successful As You Should Be, Costing You Clients And More Importantly Income
The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and you must continue to educate and arm yourself with the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies and techniques to give you an advantage over your competition.  You can either go it alone and continue to see the same results, or you can let me help you achieve your dreams of being your own boss and working at your own leisure with no cap on the amount of money you can earn.  
My Products Will Allow You To Position Yourself As An Authority In Local Business Consulting And Help You Sell Your Digital Marketing Services
Just think about it, you would probably never buy from someone you didn't think could help you.  This is really the problem I solve through my training and completely done-for-you digital assets.  Not only is it important that you can deliver the services you offer, but you must also present yourself in a professional manner.  No body should judge a book by its cover, BUT the reality is EVERYONE judges a book by its cover!
 Increase Your Conversion Rate
so that more of your prospective clients turn into paying clients.
 Instantaneously Get Your Message Across
so that your prospective clients understand what you do and how you can help them.
 Increase Your Perceived Value
by having that next level training and digital assets you can command higher fees and be more desired.
 Increase Demand To Work With You
by showing your previous client's testimonials.
 Add More Income
by increasing your brand equity which leads to more customers and ultimately getting more sales.
Some Of My Best Selling Products

Local Social Posts

This product will give you complete A-to-Z training on posting content to Facebook business pages on autopilot which is vital to local businesses. You can sell this service and charge their clients up to $99-$199 per month and easily scale this up to $10K per month or more!

Local Social Bots

This product will give you complete A-to-Z training on Facebook Messenger Chatbots using ManyChat plus 8 essential ‘bots’ which are vital to your Agency and for Auto Shop Owners. You can sell this service and charge their clients up to $99-$199 per month and easily scale this up to $10K per month or more!

Local Social Newsletters

This product will give you complete A-to-Z training on providing monthly newsletters in various formats which is vital to local businesses. You can sell this service and charge your clients up to $99-$199 per month and easily scale this up to $10K.

Local Social Deals

This product will give you complete A-to-Z training on providing Groupon like deals which are vital to local businesses. You can sell this service and charge your clients up to $450-$900 per month and easily scale this up to $10K.
Money Back Guarantee*
If You're Not Happy With Your Purchase We'll Do Our Best To Fix It! If You're Still Not Happy Simply Request A Full Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Days Of Delivery.
*Local Social Posts - Advanced Package does NOT offer a money back guarantee
How Do I Purchase Your Products?
Step 1:
 Choose A Product From My Store
Choose the product (and niche or industry if applicable) you want.
Step 2:
 Place Your Order
Click checkout and fill out your payment information including your name, email address, billing address, and then pay with your either debit/credit card or PayPal to complete your purchase.
Step 3:
 Get Instant Access To Everything (Even If It's 2AM!)
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What Our Students Say...

Richard Bowen

"So I've been using Kerry's programs for a few years now. He comes out with some of the very best offline marketing services to offer clients - what's actually working now in the real-world marketplace - that can really help them in their businesses. And he offers you ways to promote them, to help you present the features & benefits of the services to your prospective clients, to help convince them of the value you're offering them. A complete package. And his support's pretty strong, too. So check out Kerry & what he's offering. He's a go-to guy in the offline marketing arena."

Jay Herrera

“I’ve been a customer of Kerry Knoll for a couple of years now and I must say that his training programs and content packs are outstanding. They have really helped me in my goals of building my digital marketing agency for local businesses. The quality of what he produces allows you to be able to confidently approach businesses knowing that you can offer them amazing value with a verified system for success. If you have a chance to pick up any of Kerry’s programs/content packs, I highly recommend you do so.”
By Kari Romp
Verified Purchase
The value for money for such professional execution was unexpected. I think more businesses would go all in on social content if they knew how time and cost efficient it was to get a this level of professional content.
By Charles Bennion
Verified Purchase
5 stars! You should get 10! We are so happy with our content. Such a professional job. Super quick and incredible service. Could not be better. We will definitely be back soon.
By Carol Adler
Verified Purchase
We’re so happy to have chosen you as our supplier for our social media content and we’ll happily continue working with you for future posts. Thanks a lot to the team.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there a lot of people offering these services?
Implementing these exact strategies, no. It's really not an issue since there are millions of local businesses in the U.S. alone. I can tell you these are markets that will NEVER get saturated.
Why will local businesses pay me for my digital marketing knowledge?
2 big reasons: 1. Because they usually don't know what they should really be doing or focusing on. 2. Local businesses generally do not possess the skills or staff to get this done.
Do local businesses really need me to provide them with my digital marketing knowledge?
Absolutely! Most business owners just don’t know where to begin and some of them don’t have the means to pay you your normal monthly rate.
Do I really need to meet with local business owners in person or can I do this from my own home office?
No, not at all. Since you’ll be selling your knowledge in the form of a digitally delivered product there’s really no need to. However, if you decide to meet with local businesses, that's completely up to you.
How do I find the local businesses who need my help?
Easy peasy...I show you exactly how I do it and you can just copy my methods inside this training.
How much can I make in the first 30 days?
Honestly I don't know. I'm not psychic. I CANNOT and WILL NOT guarantee any income. However, it's really up to you and the amount of effort you put in. I CAN tell you that local businesses will pay month-after-month, year-after-year for your digital marketing expertise.
If I have any additional questions how can I contact you?
Just hit the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of this page. Alternatively you can send a direct email to me at I usually answer all support inquiries within a few hours.
How do I know if the "Micro Automated Services" will work for me?
I'm being completely sincere when I say, "I don't know for sure."
Each consultant I know is different both in their experience, their available time, and their skills. If you go through the training and then apply what you've learned this can be the best investment you'll ever make.
Money Back Guarantee*
If You're Not Happy With Your Content We'll Do Our Best To Fix It! If You're Still Not Happy Simply Request A Full Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Days Of Delivery.
*Local Social Posts - Advanced Package does NOT offer a money back guarantee
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