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Here’s a clever lead generating technique that is as accurate as laser-guided missile!

Can I offer some “breakthrough” advice? That will eliminate the frustration and make sales a “cakewalk”?

Change your focus…

Radical change can happen fast for you, but it starts with a radical shift in what you are focusing on.

While other offline consultants are constantly focusing on the next “shiny object”… the next newest strategy… the next new software…

You’re different.

You see what others don’t. It’s obvious to you that the consultant “crowd” are all riding the same never-ending tide of finding that “silver bullet” that will solve all their problems.

Let them.

Instead, you will change your focus to a niche that is already “conditioned” to your offering.

That’s right! They’ll buy much easier and more consistently if you can show them the way.

Mike’s been holding in a few secrets. And, honestly, he’s hesitated for almost a year about giving these strategies away:

**How to Find His Most Hungry & Willing Niche that is already waiting for your service (This part is shocking)

**How to gain posture to have prospects “begging” to be your client!

**How to end all “prospecting”: No more cold-emailing, no mass mailing, no cold calling to get these eager clients paying you $500-$1000/mo to hand over easy leads.

Grab your copy now!

This one is not like any of his other launches because he is giving away 2 secrets that he’s been stressing over for almost a year!

I spoke with Mike and the reason he’s been stressing is because he just wasn’t sure if he should tell anyone about his secret niche or his “coveted” client-getting strategy (Yes – It’s an Outside-The-Box approach that some will criticize him for).

OK… I’ll let you in on one of his secrets.

There is a specialty niche with insurance that converts better than just any insurance niche (or any other niche for that matter: dentists, lawyers, restaurants, etc.).

It’s the Life Insurance niche. Why?

[+] No consultants in your area are going after them
[+] They are already paying good money for a watered down version of what you can give them
[+] And believe it or not… they are everywhere – so you’ll never run out of leads for your business!

This is an early bird offer and the price is going up soon.

Check out my 100% congruent bonus package.

How Smart Consultants are Cashing In By Adding Business Funding To Their Arsenal

Business funding is the same idea as a traditional small business loan.

Since the last recession about 10 years ago, banks just don’t like to take the risks on small business loans like they used to.

If you try to get a small business loan you’ll have about a 20% success rate from your bank.

Most small businesses have no idea where to turn when it comes to getting a loan for their business.

This is where you come in…

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, you know the story, “I’m sorry, but I can’t afford your services because I simply cannot invest that much into my digital marketing.”

Now if you were to help that business secure funding not only would you earn a commission from the lender, but you could also then land them as a client and have them pay you what you deserve to provide digital marketing services for them.

It’s a win-win proposition!

In fact if you look at it like this you’re actually double-dipping.  You’re getting that commission from the lender and getting paid by the business to help them grow.

How sweet is that?

The best part to all of this is there’s exactly no risk to you.

And you don’t need to be licensed or anything like that to refer businesses to these non-bank lenders.

Oh and did I mention that about 8 out of 10 businesses who apply get approved?

Yep you read that right, nearly 80% of businesses get approved by these non-bank lenders.

That’s huge!

That means you just need to find potential leads who are willing to take on a loan to improve their business.

In case you’re wondering there’s nothing unethical or shady about this.

Anyone can do this!

So why not take advantage of this and offer it to local businesses you know and want to help?

You’re probably wondering who these non-bank lenders are…

Offline consultant Mike Paul has just put out a new digital product called Local Freelance Funding Formula.

In his course he outlines exactly what you need to know to be successful using this weapon in your arsenal.

Business funding will always be necessary and has been around for years.

This is not some fly by night idea.

Once you pick up Mike’s training, please leave me a comment below and let me know how this service has helped you be more successful.


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